Universal Music India Signs an Exclusive Deal with the popular Singer songwriter and composer – Vilen

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], May 5: Universal Music India, the leading music label, with one of the biggest catalogues in India, known for promoting young, talented artists, has announced an exclusive deal with the multi-talented singer, composer, and writer, Vilen. This partnership will provide Vilen with a platform to showcase his musical talent to a wider audience, with access to some of the biggest names in the music industry.

Vilen gained immense popularity through his past releases for showcasing his exceptional talent as a composer, lyricist, and director of his own music videos. His meaningful lyrics resonate with his fans, touching various aspects of their lives.

With hits like “Ek Raat” which has over 500 million views on YouTube, and “Chidiya” with over 150 million views and 100 million audio streams on Spotify, Vilen has proven his exceptional talent as a musician. He’s been working his way up on his own without any label support until now. His songs and videos always have a concept and a social message, which his fans love him for. He doesn’t believe in restricting himself to any genre or language, having even released Haryanvi songs like “Kaare Hathiyaar” among others.

“Kyun Dhunde,” the extended version of Vilen’s 1 min musical hit, is his first release with Universal Music. The shorter version of the song has already garnered over 52 million streams on Spotify, charting on the Spotify daily charts at #24 and holding that position for almost six months, peaking at #18. It has also garnered 133k Instagram reels and counting.

“Breaking boundaries and exploring new horizons is what we thrive on, says Vilen.” “As I embark on this exciting journey with Universal Music, we are thrilled to bring our creativity and innovation to new demographics and explore endless possibilities. “

“We are excited to announce our latest addition to our roster of artists, a promising musical talent from India Vilen , says Sanujeet Bhujabal, EVP and Head of Content at Universal Music India.” “We acknowledge the significant influence his music holds among the youth, with his unique play of music and lyrics as evidenced by his widespread popularity across diverse audience segments. Our partnership aims will be to chart a course for his creative talent to greater achievements and broaden the reach of his music to a wider fanbase. We are thrilled to be a part of this exciting journey and look forward to a future of even greater success.” 

Vilen, who goes by the name of Vipul Dhanaker off-stage, is excited to partner with Universal Music, and is all geared up to take his career to the next level with everything that’s in store.

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