“EK HASEEN KHWAB SA”: A brand new Romantic song by Team “MFI” & “Global Handel”

A Visual Symphony of Beauty and Passion, An another artistic & romantic song release of MANN Music Entertainment

For Freshness, Fresh Look, watch the Fresh Music Video Song, “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” of Maheshwar Film International Pvt. Ltd. & Global Handel SDN BHD. Released worldwide by MANN Music Entertainment

New Delhi (India), August 11: “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is a mesmerizing video song that combines breathtaking scenic locations with artistic vision and heartfelt passion. This audio-visual masterpiece takes viewers on a captivating journey of love, dreams, and the beauty of nature. With its soul-stirring melodies and stunning visuals, the song captures the essence of human emotions and the power of dreams.

The “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” song begins with an ethereal melody that sets the tone for the unfolding dream. The video opens with a shot of a picturesque locations, bathed in the warm hues of the sunlight. The protagonist, lost in her thoughts, wanders through the meadows, symbolizing the pursuit of her dreams. The seamless blend of locations beauty and the protagonist’s introspection creates an enchanting atmosphere that draws viewers into the song’s narrative.

An Ode to Passion As the chorus kicks in, the tempo of the song picks up, resonating with the protagonist’s growing passion. The video transitions to bustling, vivid locations, with vibrant lights and bustling traits. The protagonist is shown engaging in her chosen art form, whether it be dance, painting, or music. Each frame is carefully crafted to reflect the protagonist’s dedication and the fervor she brings to her craft. The fusion of rhythmic beats and stunning visuals intensifies the song’s emotional impact.

Neutrality of the shoot takes the audience on a journey to exotic locations that serve as a backdrop to the protagonist’s dreams. Traditional railroad, cascading and serene backdrops unfold on the screen, providing a breathtaking visual feast. The protagonist is seen reveling in the embrace of nature, drawing inspiration from its magnificence. The video seamlessly weaves together the grandeur of the natural world with the protagonist’s aspirations, creating a sense of harmony and interconnectedness.

The Love Blossoms on a Bridge introduces a romantic subplot, adding depth and emotional resonance to the narrative. The protagonist meets a kindred spirit who shares her passion for art and life. Their love story unfolds against the enchanting backdrops of sunsets, blooming gardens, and candlelit evenings. The video portrays the tender moments between the couple, emphasizing their shared dreams and the power of love to inspire and support each other.

Triumph of Dreams As the song reaches its climax, where the rainfall is shown, the visuals become more dynamic and intense, reflecting the protagonist’s determination to achieve her dreams. The video showcases the protagonist’s artistic growth and the obstacles she overcomes along the way. Through montage sequences and symbolic imagery, the song celebrates the triumph of passion and perseverance.

A Reflection of Life’s Beauty “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” concludes with a reflective tone, underscoring the song’s message that dreams are the lifeblood of the soul. The video returns to the serene locations, where the protagonist finds solace and contentment. The breathtaking locations and the protagonist’s serene expression serve as a reminder of the beauty that can be found in pursuing one’s dreams.

In summary, “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is a video song that transcends traditional storytelling, offering a visual symphony of beauty and passion. Through its stunning picturesque visuals and evocative melodies, it encapsulates the essence of human aspirations and the transformative power of dreams. This captivating audio-visual experience leaves viewers inspired and deeply moved, reminding them to embrace their passions and chase their own beautiful dreams.

Maheshwar Film International Pvt. Ltd. “MFI”, is committed to produce Films, WEB Series, Video Song, and Video Album with MFI talent; MFI faces is proud to showcase their commitment to Video Song, “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA”.

MFI Film and TV Institute are one of the pioneers in rendering training in various aspects of Film making, in which majorly students enroll for an acting career. MFI Film and TV Institute not only train students and leaves them unrecognized in the spectrum of other veteran actors. To overcome this and fulfil the promise, Maheshwar Film International Pvt. Ltd. “MFI”, produce thru their Home Production, Films, WEB Series, Video Song, Video Album etc., allowing fresher’s, newcomers to showcase their skill and intensity of acting. The Video Song “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is no exception. In this video song, the featured artists are students of MFI Film and TV Institute Achievers too.

Produced by Maheshwar Film International Pvt. Ltd. “MFI” & Global Handel SDN BHD, the Director of the Video Song “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is legendary Video Director SHUBHAM JHA, who has an exceptional reputation in the industry for his outstanding work.

The picturesque location of Video Song is H-City Mumbai which is near Mumbai, Bollywood Hub of India.

The song is part of the storyline, which spells out the mind of young boys and girls. The song spells out their mind and feelings toward love and life. One of the great examples for present youth, which shows love and affection for boys and girls.

“Sahil Patil” is an MFI Achiever who has undergone Acting and dancing training. Who has done similar courses from some other reputed institution but was unable to give him chance to face a professional camera to understand camera techniques. To overcome all these odds, he has decided to join an MFI Film and TV Institute Acting course. After giving reasonably extensive thought and segregation he decided to join MFI Film and TV Institute. He feels proud and tremendously happy to be part of this complete process of this Video Shoot shooting and acting. Jovially he further added that the process of MFI Film and TV Institute Acting course proved to be the guiding path for joining Bollywood in real life.

Nikki Raghuvanshi, an actress and an MFI Achiever, has professionally worked with our MFI Film and TV Institute student “Sahil Patil”. Her dance expertise and professional approach during the entire process were highly appreciable.

The Team who is responsible for the beautiful picturization of the video song “EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is as follows:

Featuring: MFI Achievers Sahil Patil & Nikki Raghuvanshi, Producer: Manoj Maheshwar & Ritu Mann, Associate Producer: Neha Executive, Producer: Manjeet Yadav, Mitesh Yadav & Chandrakant Gore, Director & Editor: Shubham Jha, Choreographer: Manish Yadav, DOP: Sarthak, Music & Lyrics: Buddhaa M, Singer: Budhaditya Mukherjee & Saloni Thakkar, Casting: MFI-Bollywood Casting company, PR of the song is taken care by Triloka Media Network.

In spite of New Actors and Music Team, EK HASEEN KHWAB SA” is doing very well and liked by Music Lovers Nationwide and Worldwide too. Now also, social media influencers are making interesting and beautiful Reels on Instagram / Facebook etc.   

This Video Song is available and streaming on all well-known, leading web platforms like Apple Music, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Gaana, Instagram, hungama, JioSaavn…

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