Dr. Indu Kumari Transforms AISHH into a Dermatology Powerhouse, Pioneering Personalized and Sustainable Skin and Hair Care Trends

Dr. Indu Kumari, Founder of AISHH

New Delhi (India), August 29: After getting three gold medals from MD College at Banaras Hindu University and fellowships in Hair Transplant and Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Indu Kumari has been able to pull up all Departments of Dermatology on her own at AISHH (All India Skin and Hair Hospital, Delhi) in a short time. Majorly, AISHH deals with Hair Transplantation, Trichology, and Aesthetic Dermatology (lasers and anti-ageing treatments). It also caters to Dermatopathology (skin and hair disease diagnosis) and Clinical Dermatology (treatment of various skin diseases and infections). Since everyone wants to look good, and not everyone likes hiding behind make-up, as confidence is only one thing that makes us look beautiful, and we know that our natural appearance has to be loved first by ourselves so that it gets reflected in the world. So, AISHH has a primary agenda of minimal, affordable, and effective skin and hair care advice and treatments. We are also coming up with a unique line of skincare products.

She highlights the Emerging Trends that we adopt and believe in our practice at AISHH that help in maximum patient satisfaction: 

Personalised Skincare and Haircare: Customised skincare means a thorough assessment of patient’s condition & intrinsic concerns, like hormonal and diet concerns and extrinsic concerns, like pollution, sun exposure, and humidity effects, and then treating each individual separately. 

Simplicity in prescription: Minimalist skincare is gaining traction, with products featuring fewer ingredients but with more targeted benefits. And we firmly believe in that. So, we ensure the prescription is free of expensive and unnecessary products. An aesthetic consultation should focus on primary, effective skin care, hydration and UV protection, with targeted actives and treatments only depending on specific skin needs. 

Clean and sustainable Beauty and hazards, increased awareness on social media is a boon or hazard: Patients are becoming more conscious of the ingredients in their skincare and hair-care products. This has led to a rise in demand for clean, natural, and sustainable products that are environmentally friendly and free from harmful chemicals. But on the contrary, we are seeing, with increasing awareness, blunders also happening because of non-dermatologists with zero knowledge about the product talking about and promoting it. Patients land up damaging skin and burning unnecessary money. So, we have to provide correct information that is only scientifically backed up, and teach patients at our best capacity. 

Hair Wellness: Beyond just skincare, the focus is shifting towards overall hair wellness, including scalp health. So, we have separate trichology days at the clinic when we deal only with hairless and hair-related treatments.

Tech-Driven Skincare: Devices play a significant role in skin and hair maintenance. We believe  US FDA-approved and authentic machines like Nd YAG, Q-switched lasers, fractional CO2 lasers, micro-needling devices, radiofrequency tightening devices, LED lasers, and HIFU machines enhance results. 

All India Beauty: The industry is moving towards a more inclusive approach. ‘All India’  in AISHH means accessible, affordable, and effective treatment for all people by incorporating a more comprehensive range of treatments and products suitable to specific groups and skin tones. 

Natural and Organic Skin and Haircare: Similar to skincare, natural and organic ingredients in haircare products are preferred by many consumers, but now the increasing side effects have made them realise nothing is natural once you apply it instead of eating it. So, patients seek consultation before trying any home remedy, which shows their trust in doctors. 

Gut-Skin and Hair Connection: The link between gut health and skin health has been explored more deeply, leading to the popularity of products that promote skin health by targeting gut health. So, we have incorporated dieticians into our panel to improve the patient’s overall health. Ageing with Grace: Embracing the ageing process and promoting skincare that supports healthy ageing rather than focusing solely on anti-ageing treatments like Botox and fillers. But the increasing awareness has made people realise the safety of such treatments, and we make sure that rather than drastic changes in look, we focus on giving safe and natural results.

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