Nilesh Kumar Agarwal received the prestigious Mythological Author of the Year Award from Shamita Shetty

Many authors have made significant contributions to the field of mythology and have garnered critical acclaim for their work. However, it was Nilesh Kumar Agarwal who received the prestigious Mythological Author of the Year Award from Shamita Shetty at the glittering Sahika event held in New Delhi.

The Award Ceremony for the Best Mythological Author in Delhi was a highly anticipated event held on August 12, 2023. The purpose of the ceremony was to recognize and celebrate the achievements of authors who have made significant contributions to the field of mythology. The event was attended by many prominent figures in the literary world, including publishers, editors, and writers. The award ceremony was a testament to the importance of literature in preserving cultural heritage and promoting creativity.

The esteemed celebrity Shamita Shetty, was chosen to present the award for the Best Author in the Mythological Category. Shamita Shetty is a well-known Bollywood actress who has starred in many popular films. Her presence at the event added glamour and excitement to the proceedings.

Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal is from Meerut, and he is the founder of STAALLION FOUNDATION, which aims to provide medical assistance to all living beings, including humans, animals, and LGBTQ+, through crowdfunding. He also founded STAALLION BOOKS to promote his books at a lesser cost, and now he is a successful mythological author.

He believes that educating society is the only way to improve the life of every living being. The problem he saw, as per his experience, is that people are not aware of the fact that’s, what is wrong and what is right.

Mr. Nilesh Kumar Agarwal failed many times in his last 10 years. He was fired from all his jobs due to noncompliance. He has been an employee in various companies like Nascent Retails Pvt ltd., Naswiz holidays, Kotak, Convergys, FIS, Ashlar securities, Wipro, and HCL. When he got divorced from his wife, he went into depression as he had been in love with that girl since his school days. His poor financial conditions and his short-tempered nature broke their relationship. He went into depression after his divorce for more than 8 months.

After he went out of depression in 2020, he started his journey as an author and has written many books

So let us tell you that many books by Nilesh Kumar Agarwal have been published till now, which are available on Amazon and Flipkart and through the books written by him, people are easily able to understand the importance of the Puranas because they are very simple. The words have been written. Thanks to that, Nilesh Kumar Agarwal’s work has been registered in the World Record Book of Admirable Art in the presence of famous Indian actor Raja Murad. The event was held in Faridabad at SRS Tower.

Nilesh’s journey was not only a wordsmith’s journey but also a seeker’s journey to discover the deep treasures hidden in India’s ancient texts and stories. After navigating the ups and downs of his corporate world, Naresh found his true calling in the world of storytelling. His decision to dedicate his life to the intensive study of Indian traditions and mythology was a bold one but a very rewarding one. In his debut novel, Indian Traditions and Their Scientific Reasons, Nilesh’s voice resonated with readers, bridging the wisdom of his past with the curiosity of his present. The song touched the hearts of his 80,000 people and reflects the fact that in modern society, we crave meaningful connections to our roots. This initial success led him to delve deeper into the realm of mythology. Titles like ‘Shiva Vani’, ‘Krishna Vani’, ‘Shree Ganesh’ ‘ Kabir ke dohe and Ramayan’  and ‘Tirukkural’ emerged from his pen like an intricate tapestry woven from threads of mythology, spirituality and cultural insights. Each piece reminded us of the enduring relevance of these ancient stories, their allegorical lessons, and the wisdom they contain for modern life.

Mythology has captivated the hearts and minds of people throughout history. The tales of gods, heroes, and mythical creatures have been passed down from generation to generation, sparking our imagination and inspiring countless stories. Among the many genres that have emerged from mythology, mythology fiction holds a special place. It is through the works of mythology fiction writers that these ancient stories are brought to life in new and exciting ways.

Nilesh Kumar Agarwal is an author known for his unique ability to blend ancient mythologies with modern storytelling. His works showcase his mastery of mythology fiction and his talent for creating captivating and multi-dimensional characters.

Beyond “Mythology,” his influence on the mythology genre is evident in the works of countless other writers and artists who have been inspired by the classical world and its myths and legends. Her expertise and authority on mythology have made her one of the most respected and influential mythology fiction writers of all time.

Nilesh’s journey was not just that of a wordsmith but a seeker, an explorer of the profound treasures that lie within the ancient texts and narratives of India. Having navigated the corporate world’s twists and turns, Nilesh found his true calling in the world of storytelling. His decision to dedicate his life to the intricate study of Indian traditions and mythologies was a bold one, but it proved to be profoundly rewarding.

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