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November 9: With backyards getting smaller & high-rises get taller, in the fast paced life people were slowly moving away from Natural jungle to Concrete ones. It seems inevitable, but to do so due to various compulsions, including for our own convenience. But how good would this be in the long run. Will it be a WIN – WIN for all? The pandemic has taught us invaluable lessons. It also motivated some individuals to bring about positive change in people’s life, organically.

Artificial / Synthetic products used for plants / farming is not only damaging soil, but also the ecosystem. It gives quick result but the long term damages are evident & irreversible. There was a lack of trusted organic options for farmers & urban gardeners while there was rural unemployment & rural migration to cities. The problem was evident & had to be dealt with at multiple levels.

With a clear vision to bring about a organic green revolution in the Indian landscape, that is real & affordable along with sustainability & a WIN-WIN for all, Hansika & Biju – 2 young individuals started Naturally Green, from Bangalore a year back. They started from their small home, with clear intent to plug the gap between customers need & market offerings for organic products. Their first month achievement was 3 orders. They did not stop, & are now 1000+ orders per day & scaling up strongly. Naturally Green is focused to get the world’s best practices to India & vice versa (& this is just the beginning) & to promote Traditional methods of farming.

The duo themselves are gardening enthusiasts passionate about Nature, who believe in bringing up the green’s, with no artificial means (no chemicals / harmful fertilizers / pesticides). They have Natural & Organic solutions for most farming / gardening challenges. Their innovative products, extensively curated by farmers & gardeners help bringing in the much needed organic green revolution, enhancing happiness & health of the organic gardening / farming community.

They have been delivering on social, environment & community responsibility as well, by supporting rural empowerment & employment. They ensure procurement from economically villages, thereby creating rural employment opportunities & supporting self-reliance & reverse migration of labour. They have painstakingly built a model of procuring products from small & marginal farmers / enterprises from economically weaker regions of the country. They have focused on training the community with knowledge & skills along with creating awareness for environment & ecological safeguard.

Their customers have not only become their brand endorsers but ambassadors now. Their customers keep coming back & are spreading positive word of mouth, due to the fact that they have seen results & the long term benefits of the products.

The startup now has a very strong online & offline presence, in Bangalore they are the market leaders with over 60% market share. They are growing at 300% year on year with aggressive future plans to spread the social cause.

They have in the last 1 year helped over 60,000 households to move away from harmful & counterproductive forms of gardening / farming to completely organic healthy experience & enriching farming / gardening experience. The yield is safer, healthier & sustainable.

Hansika, the lead founder is passionate about what she does, on the premise that organic products have the power to change lives healthily. They nourish the body, elevate the spirit, & build communities. She found the need to motivate individuals to Go Green. The conviction that healthy, productive gardens / farms have the power to change the world was strong driving factor.

She successfully attempted to educate & tie up with rural entities (farmers & small entrepreneurs) to procure organic products, ensuring they get good remuneration for their products & connect it to urban consumers.

Her year old boot strapped start-up has been recognised by Government of India & the Karnataka Government, due to efforts to bring about honest quality organic products at honest pricing & also for the achievement of creating rural employment

From running the best product-oriented awareness campaigns to connecting hundreds of plant nurseries through a systematic, tech enabled approach, Naturally Green has helped its vendors reap a successful brand positioning in the organic world. Ms Hansika has single-handedly, focussed on building a very user friendly website with honest prices & quick deliveries. She has also anchored videos on various social channels to inform & motivate communities to go green with organic products.

Their range of products includes, Organic & Natural derivatives used for gardening / farming. The more popular & commonly known ones, eg. Cocopeat, Vermicompost. Organic Manure, Traditional Manure ( Cow, Goat, Horse, Chicken), Compost Manure, Perlite, Vermiculite to the niche like Seaweed derivatives, Humic, Amino, Fulvic derivatives, wood ash, rock phosphates, bonemeal & many more (refer

With their belief, that everyone should attempt to “Grow what we Eat … Eat what we Grow” organically, not only for sake of food, but also to increase green cover, improve the quality of air & reduce carbon footprint. Every household should attempt to have a small organic patch of green. Even if it is a square feet of space.

Naturally Green brand is owned by O2H2O LLP., founded by Mr Biju Dharman, who is a Botanist & a Masters’ in Business Management from Pune University, with 22+ years of exposure to Technology, Agriculture, Sales & Business Development, a travel freak & nature lover.

along with Hansika Churiwal who is an experienced Ecommerce specialist, with strong forte in Operations, Distribution & Sales for 12+ years and an avid gardener.

She never stops asking, When will you Go Green … Naturally Green?

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