Hashtag Kalakar Announces Winners of Open Mic Competition

New Delhi (India), April 22: Hashtag Kalakar, a leading platform for promoting talent in the performing arts, is thrilled to announce the winners of its highly anticipated Open Mic Competition. The competition, held over the past month, saw an incredible display of talent from aspiring artists across various genres.

After rigorous rounds of auditions and performances, the judging panel, consisting of renowned artists and industry experts, has selected the top two winners who truly stood out with their exceptional skills and creativity.

The winners of the Hashtag Kalakar Open Mic Competition are:

1st Prize – Riyans Anthigari
 2nd Prize – Vinyas SP

Other finalists of the competition were:

Sourav Ganguly

Kush Baghla 

Wasi Asghar

Poulomi Saha

Dhruv Mandloi

Sachin Batish

Pritika Bhatt

Pradyot Puranik

Shaily Patel

Hrituparna Das

Gaddam Grishma 

Charvik Dusanapudi

“We are extremely proud of all the participants who showcased their incredible talent in the Hashtag Kalakar Open Mic Competition,” said the CEO of Hashtag Kalakar. “Congratulations to the winners for their outstanding performances and well-deserved recognition. We are committed to supporting emerging artists and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills to a wider audience.”

The winners of the Hashtag Kalakar Open Mic Competition will receive exciting prizes, including cash rewards and a chance to collaborate with renowned artists in the industry.

About Hashtag Kalakar:

Hashtag Kalakar is a leading platform that promotes and supports talent in the performing arts, including writers, poets, artists, music, dance, theatre, and spoken word. It provides a platform for aspiring artists to showcase their skills, connect with a larger audience, and get recognized for their talent. Through various competitions, events, and collaborations, Hashtag Kalakar aims to inspire, encourage, and empower emerging artists to pursue their passion and achieve their artistic dreams.


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