Prof. Anandajit Goswami’s new song “Chand Jawkhon Hobe Chaad”, listeners will instantly connect and enjoy

Prof. Anandajit Goswami, who is the Director at The School of Behavioural and Social Sciences of Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies, has come a long way through his scholarly and educationist journey to finally launch his first Bengali Single Music Album titled – “Chand Jawkhon Hobe Chaad” released from prestigious ABF Music Label and the song is available in all leading streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Itunes, JioSaavn, Amazon Prime Music along with other 150+ streaming platforms in the world.

Anandajit’s recently released single ‘Chand Jawkhon Hobe Chaad’, with his own soulful lyrics and soothing composition, along with his own magical voice, will leave you feeling nice and cozy. The  Music album video directed by DebrajDey (Deb D & Team), featuring Sabuj, Tamal, Vishal, Rishi, Sandip, Supriya, Trisha, and Indrani, also sums up the mood of the song.

Speaking about the song, released from ABF Music label, Anandajit says, “The song is so nice and fills your heart with warmth instantly. I am looking forward to singing ‘Chand Jawkhon Hobe Chaad’ in my live shows.”Anandajit also included that he has been in talks with director DebrajDey (Deb D & Team) regarding giving music direction in his two coming feature films; one is “Canvasser “, which is an Indo-Bangladesh project inspired by the story of BibhutibhusanBandhopadhay, featuring famous actor HasanMasood as a lead from Bangladesh. This project was kept on shelve due to the pandemic, but the good news is the shooting has been rescheduled for the end of this year, and the other feature film is still untitled, targeting the audiences of all the international film festivals; details of it will be available in due course of time.

Check out the video song here:

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