The VICKY SABLOK Odyssey – From Mumbai’s Lanes to Bollywood’s Frames

1:- What motivated you to pursue acting despite the challenges you faced in your personal life?

A: My passion for acting was a constant flame that never dimmed, even amidst personal trials and the responsibilities that life thrust upon you. The dream of acting, simmering beneath the surface, motivated me to persevere and eventually led me to rekindle my passion fully after my wife’s demise.

2:- How did you cope with the emotional strain of balancing personal obligations with professional aspirations of modeling?

A: My initial foray into modeling saw me gracing campaigns for MAYUR SUITINGS, CHIRAG DIN shirts, and CHARMINAR CIGARETTES. However, the weight of family responsibilities and my wife’s prolonged illness demanded my undivided attention, sidelining my aspirations.

3:- How did your family’s support influence your career path?

A: My family, especially in the nurturing environment, my parents provided and the responsibilities I shouldered on after my father’s demise, played a crucial role. My family support, both emotional and practical, helped me to navigate through life’s challenges, enabling me to pursue my passion for acting with a stronger resolve.

4:- Can you share a pivotal moment from your time at the MFI Film & TV Institute that significantly impacted your acting career?

A: The decisive moment came when I crossed paths with Manoj Maheshwar, the visionary Founder & Managing Director of Maheshwar Film International and the MFI Film & TV Institute. Completing the course at MFI not only provided me with a direction but also opened doors to opportunities that were once mere dreams.

5:- What was your first role in the industry, and how did it shape your approach to acting?

A:  My first role was in the MFI home production “KHEL KHEL MAIN,” where I played a police officer. This role allowed me to step into the professional realm of acting, shaping my approach by emphasizing the importance of dedication, hard work, and the continuous learning process inherent in embodying diverse characters.

6:- How do you prepare for a role, especially when it’s significantly different from your previous characters?

A:  Preparing for a role involves immersing myself in the character’s world, understanding the motivations, and embodying its emotions. For roles that are significantly different, I may likely dive deeper into research, seek inspiration from real-life individuals or similar characters in cinema, and undergo physical or emotional training as required.

7:- What has been your most challenging role to date, and why?

A: While I didn’t specify a particular role as the most challenging, it can be inferred that each role I’ve taken on has presented its unique set of challenges, whether it was physically embodying the character, understanding their psychological mindset, or mastering their emotional depth.

8:- How do you see the landscape of Bollywood changing, and what role do you aspire to play in its evolution?

A: I’ve observed the ever-evolving landscape of Bollywood, which now welcomes fresh narratives and talents. I aspire to be part of this legacy by contributing meaningful performances that reflect the intricacies of daily life and touch the soul, thus playing a role in the industry’s evolution towards more diverse and inclusive storytelling.

9:- What message do you hope to convey through your work in the film industry?

A: Through my work, I aim to convey messages of resilience, the importance of pursuing one’s passions despite life’s hurdles, and the belief in the transformative power of cinema to reflect and influence real life.

10:- Who has been your biggest inspiration in the film industry, and why?

A: While I haven’t named specific inspirations in the industry, it’s clear that my biggest inspirations likely include individuals who have shown resilience, dedication to their craft, and the ability to connect deeply with audiences through compelling storytelling.

11:- What are your future projects, and what themes or roles are you looking to explore?

A: As I continue to explore diverse characters and stories, I may likely looking for roles that challenge me, allow for growth both as an actor and a human being, and contribute to cinema that resonates with audiences on a profound level. My future projects may include further explorations into genres that touch on the complexities of human emotions and societal issues.

12:- How do you rate MFI Film & TV Institute?

A: Fostering talent beyond education. Not just honing acting skills, but offering opportunities. Their home productions provide the Launchpad for their achievers and alumni.

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